Our Barn Cat Program

Some cats are feral or semi-feral, meaning that they are not suited for a typical home adoption.  However, they can still be adopted out to folks who have barns and other outdoor shelters on their property.  The benefits of this are two-fold:  you get natural pest-control for your barn/silo/stable, and the cat gets a comfortable home with the freedom it desires!   Please fill out our online barn cat application below.

Barn Cat Application

Requirements for Adopting Barn Cats

  • The adoption fee for a barn cat is $10. 
    • This includes a rabies shot and FVRCP vaccine, and spay/neuter surgery.
  • You must agree to provide the following:
    • Fresh water - all seasons, winter included
    • Daily food
    • Shelter from the weather - barns, stables, etc.  
    • RURAL property (no high-traffic or busy areas)
    • Veterinary care for illnesses and injuries

More Information
It is highly recommended that you give newly-adopted barn cats a 2-week window to adjust to their new environment.  Keep them inside a shelter such as a barn or stable, with no holes or openings to prevent escape, with food and water (and a litter box!) for 14 days.  A large crate in a sheltered area would also work.  This helps ensure that the barn cat will adapt successfully to its new location.

While pest-control is a natural benefit of keeping barn cats, some owners might worry about local wildlife such as birds and squirrels.  Providing daily food and water will greatly reduce the barn cats' need to prey on birds and other wildlife.